MOPS KIDS is a wonderful, Biblical based program for the children of MOPS Moms.  Our hope is that you will be able to more fully enjoy your time in the MOPS meeting, knowing that your children are enjoying their time as well!
MOPS Kids classes are ready for kids at 9:15am so you can drop them off and  be ready to start by 9:30am.

All of kids classes are down the hall to your left as come through the main entry. The nursery is to the right. Class names are posted next to each door.



Sign In/Sign Out:
**We are trying someone new this year. Sign in/out will be done electronically in the foyer **

  1. Sign your kids in, noting any allergies, diaper preferences, or notes for the teachers.

  2. Put their name tag on their back.  

At the end of MOPS, please pick up your kids promptly at 11:30 and sign them out. 

Classrooms are divided according to age and we abide by state guidelines for teacher-child ratios. All classes (with the exception the nursery) are taught a Bible Lesson from the MOPS Kids curriculum and participate in activities, songs, crafts, and playtime that reflect that Bible lesson.  Children in the nursery enjoy songs, being read a story, snuggled, and encouraged in their next developmental steps.


Each classroom is provided a snack. 

We wanted you all to know that this year's snack in the MOPS Kids class will still be Rice Chex or Cheerios and Raisins. Children in the Nursery who are able to have a snack will only be given Cheerios (since Raisins are not safe for most of them yet).  We do this because we have many children with various allergies. Our goal is for all of the children to have the same snack so that nobody feels left out. If there is any reason your child cannot have Rice Chex & Raisins or Cheerios please indicate this on your sign in form. 

Bathroom Policies
If your child is Potty Training or goes to the bathroom on their own, please read the Bathroom Policy which is attached. 

**Please take your child to the bathroom before the meeting and be sure to wash their hands thoroughly**

Sick Policies
Kids with a fever and/or vomiting within the last 24 will not be permitted in MOPS Kids. If your child has a runny nose, cough, or any other symptoms, we ask that you keep them home. As much as you will be missed, we do not want to spread any sickness.

Drop Off Tips
Here are a few tips to help your child feel comfortable going to their class. It is normal for kids & moms to feel unsure of a new class at first :)

  1. Stay positive and upbeat when talking about going to MOPs and your child going to their MOPS Kids class. Try not to show your own uncertainty of how they will do. Start telling them today about how much fun they will have on Wednesday with their friends.

  2. I like to refer to the other kids and even the teachers as "friends". ex:  "See all of these fun friends in here to play with!  (look at a name tag and say) Do you want to color with our friend Luke?" (it doesn't matter that you have never seen him before, you just helped them make a friend)

  3. Tell them that you love them and trust the teachers and that they get to have fun in their class while you go to your class with the other Mommies. (don't say anything like, "if you get scared I will come back down to get you"  this can prompt them to get scared.  Just be confident and know yourself that if they do have trouble the teacher will have a MOPSKids Team member will get you.  We will not let a child be sad and crying without letting you know.

  4. They may need/want you to sit and color or play with them...decide if this is a good idea and set a time limit and then leave relatively quickly...otherwise they will try to get you to stay forever. haha!

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